Location map:


677019, Yakutsk, st. Sergelyakhskoe shosse 4

Tel.: (411-2) 32-19-81, fax (411-2) 32-19-81



1. Department Scientific – organizing and informational – publishing:

Head, PhD Sofronova Sargylana Ivanovna, office tel: (411-2) 39-55-48

2. Department of Molecular Genetics:

Chief Researcher, MD, Maximova Nadezhda Romanova, office tel: (411-2) 39-54-59

Hereditary Pathology Laboratory

Head, PhD Nogovitsyna Anna Nikolaevna, office tel: (411-2) 39-54-52

Laboratory of Molecular Genetics

Head, Doctor of Biological sciences Fedorova Sardana Arkadyevna office tel: (411-2) 32-19-81

Laboratory of Populational Genetics

Head, PhD Suhomyasova Aytalina Lukinichna, office tel: (411-2) 39-54-94

3. Department of adaptation mechanisms study:

Chief Researcher, PhD Golderova Aytalina Semenovna, office tel: (411-2) 39-55-49

Immunopathology laboratory

Head, PhD Grigorieva Lena Valerievna, office tel: (411-2) 39-55-49

Laboratory of biochemical mechanisms adaptation

Head, PhD Olesova Lyubov’ Dygynovna, office tel: (411-2) 44-78-57

Pathomorphology laboratory and study the effects of cold on the human body

Head, PhD, Loskutova Kyunney Savvichna, office tel: (4112) 39-52-41

4. Department of Epidemiology of chronic non-communicable diseases:

Chief Researcher, PhD Romanova Anna Nikolaevna, office tel: (411-2) 39-55-49

Laboratory of clinical and populational studies

Laboratory of precancerogenesis and malignant tumors

Head, MD, Professor Ivanov Peter Mikhalovich, office tel: (411-2) 04.02.45

Laboratory of children’s health monitoring and medical and environmental researches

Acting Head, PhD Yakovleva Svetlana Janovna, office tel: (411-2) 35-19-90

Laboratory of medical and social research and study of the functional reserve of human