Acting head of department:

Egorova Aitalina Grigorievna, PhD, Chief Researcher.

phone: (4112) 321748
fax: (4112) 321981


The main scientific direction of the department is to study the etiology and pathogenesis, pathomorphology, prevalence and features of the course of atherosclerosis in native and non-native population in order to develop preventive measures to improve the health of the population.
As part of Science-Research Work №1 “Atherosclerosis: epidemiology, etiology and pathogenesis and development of measures of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the Far North population on the example of the population of Yakutia” we study the biochemical, lipid-metabolic, immune, molecular genetic, pathological features of the formation and course of atherosclerosis in native and non-native population of Yakutia.


The Department carries out research on the following topics:

  • “The contribution of the metabolic syndrome to the development of coronary artery atherosclerosis in Yakutia residents”
  • “Monitoring of the health of children of the Republic Sakha (Yakutia)”
  • “Epidemiological aspects of malignant tumors in conditions of the Far North, development of modern methods of early diagnosis, prevention using highly informative fundamental research methods”


The department includes 3 laboratories:



The Republican Hospital No. 1- National Medical Center

The Republican Hospital No. 2 – Center for Emergency Medical Aid

The Republican Hospital No. 3 – Geriatric Center

Yakut Republican Cancer Center