Structure of the Academic Council





Specialty with the indication of the cipher


Main work

1 Romanova Anna Nikolaevna


MD Cardiology (14.00.05) YNC CMP, director
2 Popova Tatyana Egorovna

(Deputy Chairman)

MD  Neural diseases (14.01.11) YSC CMP, Deputy Director on Science
3 Ivanov Petr Mikhailovich MD,


Oncology (14.00.14) M.K. Ammosov MI NEFU, head of the department, course of oncology, YSC CMP, senior researcher
4 Alekseev Revo Zakharovich MD,


Traumatology and orthopedics (14.00.22) Pathological physiology, senior researcher lab. immunological studies
5 Nikolaev Vyacheslav Mikhailovich PhD (Biology) Ecology (03.02.08) YSC CMP, senior researcher – head of department of the adaptation mechanisms study
6 Fedorova Sardana Arkadievna Doctor (Biology) Genetics (03.00.15) YSC CMP, senior researcher lab. molecular genetics
7 Burtseva Tatyana Egorovna MD Pediatrics (14.00.08)

Public health and health care


YSC CMP, head of lab. monitor. children’s health and a medical ecolog. study DCNID
8 Sofronova Sargylana Ivanovna PhD Cardiology


YSC CMP, head of scientific-org. and inform.-pub. department
9 Tatarinova Olga Victorovna PhD. Gerontology and geriatrics (14.00.33) SAE  RS(Y) Republican Clinical Hospital #3 YSC CMP senior researcher  lab. clinical population and medical social studies, Dep. of epidemiology and chronic non-infect diseases
10 Kononova Sardana Kononovna PhD(Biology) Genetics (03.00.15) YSC CMP, senior researcher lab. molecular genetics, Chairman of the Local Committee for Biomedical Ethics under the YSC CMP
11 Barashkov Nikolay Alekseevich PhD (Biology) Genetics (03.02.07) YSC CMP, leading researcher – head of lab of med. genetics
12 Okhlopkova Elena Dmitrievna PhD (Biology) Physiology (03.03.01) YSC CMP, leading researcher –head of  lab immunological studies
13 Davydova Tatyana Kimovna PhD Neurological diseases (14.01.11) YSC CMP, leading researcher, head of lab. neuro-deg. diseases
14 Kononova Irina Vasilievna PhD Pathological Physiology (14.06.16) YSC CMP, leading researcher Arctic Medical Centre
15 Nikolaev Aleksander Yurievich     YSC CMP, head physician Clinic YSC CMP
16  Jhirkov Stanislav Nikolaevich     General Manager SAE RS(Y) Republican Hospital 1 – NCM

Tikhonova Olga Gavrilyevna

(Scientific Secretary)

    YSC CMP, Scientific Secretary